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Ithaca Defense Lawyers: Ithaca Students SHOULD know the law when it comes to Alcohol/Drug Overdosing in NY


 Ithaca College and Cornell Students SHOULD Know the Law when it comes to Drug/Alcohol Overdosing

*Important Info for all New York students and their Parents*

In our law practice, we deal with many people who are dealing with substance abuse or dependence.  Since we practice DWI defense in Ithaca, NY, we also represent lots of students at Ithaca College and Cornell University.  This post is directed at all high school and college students so they don't have a tragedy befall them (or their friends) for being afraid to report a serious medical issue. 

My wife is a former emergency room physician in Ithaca and is currently practicing at Cornell Health.  Throughout her career, she has told me many stories of how people have been saved from alcohol and drug-related death by their friends who were smart enough to call an ambulance when their friends became unresponsive/unconscious.  

The following is an excerpt from my book, "How to Graduate with a Degree...and Without a Criminal Record," ...

Chapter 8: Partying Too Hard…Overdosing

Fortunately, there are protections built into New York’s laws that protect
people who seek medical care for alcohol and drug abuse from criminal charges.
The goal is to make sure all students know that their personal safety comes first
and that they will NOT get in trouble for seeking medical attention for
themselves or their friends.

The only exception to this law is for people who are caught selling drugs. They may still be
prosecuted under drug sale crimes, but not possession based crimes. All in all,
this law protects both the user and “Good Samaritan” who seek medical attention
in times of drug or alcohol emergency. Tell your friends and parents about this
law. It could save your life someday.

1. Make sure your friends know about this law.
2. If you or a friend is unconscious, be safe, and get them medical attention

When it comes to partying --it should be fun and safe.  If you are a college student or a parent reading this, make sure you tell your friends and kids about this law.  It could save your/their life one day. 




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